As high performing women, it’s easy to cultivate our professional life more than our femininity
I’ve been there.

👩🏽‍💻Working 12 hour days, focused on your business making sure you have all your T’s crossed (but your sex life is almost non-existent)

👋🏽Getting to sleep early to wake up for your AM routine feeling fresh (but your social life and spontaneity become last on the list of priorities)

🤦🏼‍♀️Friends text you to catch up, but you’re so focused on your next big goal that you often forget to reply (or to text them first asking THEM how they are)

👫And if you’re in a relationship it becomes hard to turn off your masculine side after a long day of work and turn on your playful, sexy, side (because you’re so in your head that your dinner conversations with your man are mainly about business or work)

Sounds familiar?

For me, focus meant achievement

Achievement meant validation, respect, status

And ultimately, LOVE

It all stemmed from always trying to impress my mom when I was little

In my adulthood, it became a way for me to build success at the sacrifice of half of me

For the past 2 years, I've been intentional about cultivating my femininity, intuition, and creativity in my business


I’ve decided to play to my strengths vs try to overcompensate for my weaknesses

Maybe you can do this too 🙂

👉🏻Instead of focusing on writing 10 email sequences that I dreaded, I focused on connecting with people and doing video, because I love it and I shine there

👉🏻Instead of trying to do a perfect webinar, I did a FB Live series for my launch, because that felt more fun- I showed up excited, not tense

👉🏻Instead of trying to map out a perfect content strategy, I just started doing what I felt really inspired to do, like this Exposed Challenge to create content consistently

Here’s my reminder: 

Cultivating your femininity doesn't have to be about wearing more pink, speaking more girly or talk about unicorns and crystals

Simply look at the areas of life where you’re forcing yourself to do it bc “you’re not good enough” (eg. writing email sequences) and instead of trying to become perfect at that, focus on what you ENJOY doing (eg. FB Live videos) 


Own that.

Shine in that

You don't need to fit yourself into a box

Do your own damn thing 🙂

You’ll find yourself having more fun, becoming magnetic, inspired to connect with the people that care about you, and you’ll add more passion with your boo waaaay more because you’re not just in your head all the time


Juliana Garcia

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