A few weeks ago on a Sunday I woke up at 8am, without a hangover...but it wasn’t always like this.

If you scroll deep on my Newsfeed like 10 years back, you’d probably find some funny/outrageous posts about all the crazy fun I was up to and how much I hated Mondays

I had a really hard time saying NO to things that would mean more fun- like alcohol.🍷

I never drank during the week, but on the weekends I had probably around 15-20 drinks all up

I didn't really like my job, my body or my love life

I had lots of weekend friends, but only a few would be there for me outside of the drinking

Looking at those things right in the eye was uncomfortable
The drinking made it all better

It made the edge go away

On Mondays, I’d felt anxious and shameful for my over-drinking😫, so I’d try to get back into control by obsessing over food planning and working out🏋️‍♀️, only to overeat on Wednesdays🐽 and end up feeling shame again.

Fun cycle huh?

Things changed when I started my first business moved to America, I faced all my shit and surrounded myself with people who had a totally different way of being.

Sure, I managed my emotional discomfort and stopped over drinking which was a win🏆, (this post could end there) but I still felt a lot of shame about my past choices

I didn't want anyone to know “my past”

🤦‍♀️So became uber spiritual and pushed all my “flaws” down and found a new identity there. Another escape.

Sometimes when we’re in pain and seek answers, we end up feeling like who we were or what we did was “wrong”, so we try to hide the past and secretly beat ourselves up.

I was piling up identity over identity so I could fit, feel accepted by the outside world and finally feel good about myself💩

It wasn't until I decided to fully accept and own ALL those parts of me that I kept trying to disassociate from, that things TRULY changed

I stopped feeling shame around my partying days💃

In fact- I don't regret a thing, and I’m SO glad I lived it up in my 20’s. I have stories for days and a few friendships that will last a lifetime!

Whatever choices I made taught me something.

💓 I reconnected with my passion for good deep house music and thanks to that I actually met my amazing boyfriend at a music festival here in Chicago. Without being drunk.

😎My best friends love that they get to play the full range with me, the festival lover and the deep spiritual seeker

💫I work with clients who also want to expose their truth in their business and their relationships, and who identify with the real, exposed me, not the “perfect” me.

😌I don't use alcohol or food to deal with my emotions, yet I eat and drink whatever I want without restrictions. Funny enough, I no longer over do it.

Feeling shame only perpetuates your lack of self-acceptance.

Own your past, your flaws, expose your truth and welcome it all. You might gain more than you think you’ll lose.

CHEERS EVERYONE! Have fun and enjoy your Aperol Spritz with those you love!

Juliana Garcia