How much longer are we going to pretend we are “spiritual and woke” yet we continue to dispose of people who are brave enough to share their darkness and their so-called “negative” emotions because that’s not “high vibe”

It hurts my heart
It makes me angry
It reminds me of how shallow the “spiritual influencers” can be

How much longer are we going to believe that spirituality is all about positivity and inspiration, medicine journeys, cuddle puddles and eye gazing?

(I’ve done all of the above, several times. Sure, there's some value but it's no magic pill)

Is easy to be “spiritual” when you surround yourself with people who validate your ideas all the time

I’ve been there

But the REAL work happens when we get out of our spiritual bubble, and interact with people who don't have the same tools we have learned, yet we decide to have compassion for them and be a stand for them as all of our spiritual values get triggered and want to disconnect because they’re not “conscious enough”

Is easy to judge emotions and people as negative and “low vibe”

Is easy to disconnect from those who feel that way so they don't “drag us down”

Is easy to keep spiritually bypassing and avoiding our own insecurities thinking we are “too good” to spend time with anything “low vibe”

That’s easy

Look, everyone is doing it

👉🏻From that boss at that corporation who chooses to give a raise to the person that agrees with him most

👉🏻To the entrepreneurs who get into the business thinking everything should “feel good” otherwise they need to stop

👉🏻Down to the typical spiritual influencer who preaches things like “thinking freely” yet, they put conditions on how freely someone experiencing suicidal thoughts can openly feel without being “consciously” removed

It’s everywhere

And it triggers me because it’s in me

I too have disconnected from people who I feel are not “in alignment” with my values

I too have decided I’m “too good” for some of my closest friends and disconnected from them because they’re not conscious enough, rich enough, whatever enough

But I came back to my senses and realized that that’s not who I choose to be and I cleaned up my mess

I choose to stand in the fire, with myself when I decide to do things that challenge me and that dont “feel good” because I get to grow

I choose to be a stand with people around me who are experiencing negative emotions, and sit through the fire with the shit that comes up, for as long as it takes, without any conditions #himom #hiboyfriend

I choose to Expose My Truth, and embrace my humanness and show people it’s okay to be human, life is not perfect

Please stop buying into the idea that life is about being woke, feeling positive, always having a smile on your face and being high vibe all the time

Social media creates a really skewed perception of other people’s reality

I’m here to remind you that even your fave spiritual, entrepreneurial or whatever guru HAS shit to deal with, nobody is perfect. You are as good as any of them.

Never feel shame for negative emotions and welcome others who have the courage to be brave and express what they may be dealing with.

That’s how we will actually bring more truth and realness to this world.

Juliana Garcia