A place to unwind.


When three women, Tasia, Jacqueline, and Anna met in March 2018 over three glasses of wine, they decided to start a platform that would empower not only themselves but all women. It was a fearless start, but as the first event happened, 27 women showed up at our Monarch Rooftop Launch. No one knew who was going to show and how big of an impact meeting up to have something to wine about would be. From that night on, these ladies joined efforts to make their platform sustainable to connect women everywhere. 

It hasn't been easy, but they've received help from women online and offline. They didn't realize how many women entrepreneurs were looking to support each other. Connecting on facebook, instagram, and face-to-face, they met many diverse individuals willing to support their vision in speaking openly about women's day to day struggles. 

They're looking for creative women who want to share their story, message, or struggles and to openly, together, unite to speak out and conquer their obstacles. Join them!



Something to Wine about is venting platform for the ladies, by the ladies! We aim to UNITE and EMPOWER Women. Raise awareness of the day to day struggles we face as women and offer guidance...over a glass of wine. You are not alone. #SomethingToWineAbout #DontKeepThingsBottledUp