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Here for the woman who wants to vent about anything from mental issues to their dating/sex lives, gender equality, economic development to government accountability and corruption, we take it all - theres always "Something to Wine About." 




Upcoming Events


August 18 2018 (2-4pm)

Something to Wine About is showcasing three amazing women, Lindsay Steadman, Estrella Jaramillo, and Veronica Kaulinis who will promote more discussion in the sex education space. This panel's purpose is to allow women to openly discuss women's social stigma around sex, learn about the state of our sex education & how effective our policies prepare us in taking care of ourselves and promote more access to women's intimate health.


What is Ethic porn? 
OCTober 2018

Porn plays a complex role in society, and more and more, it’s being used as a surrogate for sex education, as described in this recent NY times piece: Much of porn, however, is problematic in some way or another, e.g. it does not show real sex acts, or actors may not have fully consented to everything being shown, or actors are not being paid for their work. There is an emerging movement, especially among feminist and queer performers and directors, to create and disseminate ethical and feminist porn that addresses some of these issues ( In this talk, I will discuss some of the things that can make porn ethical, and show clips of porn films from various directors with different approaches to ethical porn. After the screenings, we’ll have small group discussions about the films, followed by a larger group discussion about the present and future of ethical porn.


femme art exhibit
NOvember 2018

18 Artists will showcase their work tying the theme of "Femme Art". 6 Artists will present work displaying the true meaning of Queer Art. 6 Artists will express the Feminist side of Humanity. The last 6 Artists will be varied in the Femme Art theme. 

Our artists hail from NYC and Canada, we're so excited to gather our community and open the conversation about Femme Art.  We can't wait to see you there! 


Drink up Series

looking to have a drink after work but don't know where to go? come join us to wine about life, sex, dating, anything. we have ladies' wine nights out bi weekly. have a wine spot to suggest. Hit us up. 


Wine & Unwind

Our Wine & Unwind series will tap into our self care mantra. these sessions are combined with active classes such as yoga, barre, self defense to develop an overall sense of wellness. 


Connect with  Experts

Our speaker series highlights expertises in the field. We will bring together panel talks to discuss the topics of sex, politics, human rights, relationships, dating, and others that highlight the everyday taboo in our life.


Drink wine

We're always looking to learn more about wine and expand our tastebuds. Our events include wine and we hope you stop on by. 

Bring a friend and check out our next event. 

We can't wait to see you. 



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We're looking to team up with empowering women for panels, events, talks, sponsorship, ideas & gatherings. If you have any suggestions, comments, expertise, then we'd love to share our platform.